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Premium Istrian Quality Oil Extra virgin olive oil High quality oil obtained directly from olives
by mechanical procedures

Extra virgin
olive oil

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Premium varietal
olive oils

Leccino, Istarska bjelica, Frantoio, Buža and Pendolino!

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pumpkin oil

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Hardly anything can be compared to this opaque, darkish fluid; it is absolutely unique.
A hall-mark of the Mediterranean, associated with the notion of healthiness, gastronomic delight and with a serene, untroubled old age in particular.
It has been outpouring murky and imperious ever since, uncommonly bitter in taste, yet of an exceptional aroma, making it an admirable companion of many superb dishes.
The most valued vegetable fat in a human diet. A body care product, a cure for diverse ailments, regarded by many as panacea, the elixir of life. A divine fruit. A flowing gold.
What is concealed beneath these supernatural praises? Olive-tree!
The edible oil! The oil of gods and mankind alike. Olive-oil.
The oil of charitable deeds and anointment. The queen of all trees.


A mythological and biblical plant. The olive-branch, an emblem of peace. A Christian rite and feast: olive-branches before the forthcoming Easter Sunday. An all-cure, a touch and a hallmark of Istria.

Throughout the past centuries Istria has been determined by the olive-tree. We owe the first historic manuscripts related to our peninsula and dating back to ancient Greeks and Romans to this very olive-tree and to olive-oil, respectively. Believe it or not, olive-oil produced in Istria was considered then as the most exquisite oil of the Empire which all other existing sorts had been compared to.

Marcus Valerius Marcial (40 – 103 A.D.), the most renowned epigrammatist of ancient Rome, a Spaniard by birth, left a pleiad of scripts exalting Istrian olive-oil. Chanting praises to his native Cordoba, he exclaimed: Uncto Corduba laetior Venafro, Histria nec minus absoluta testa. Cordoba, thou art more fertile than the oil-rich Venafro, absolute like the olive-oil from Istria.